Google+ Mobile Game Tips: The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth making a 212 max level Hero.
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The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth making a 212 max level Hero.

The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth
 Players might find this re skinned Version visually more appealing. 
The Game play is very similar to Kabams Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North.
Game Tips for The Hobbit: KoMe

How to build a max level 212 hero. (Costs Money)
 (Note: Cheapest way to achieve this hero is by buying the hero's CHEST's in the items shop.)
    Step 1 - Build your great hall to level 9, this lets you level your hero to 187.
      Step 2 - After your hero is 187, then build your Great Hall to level 10. 
      Step 3 - After your hero is level 187 you need, 
                    4 - Train with archers 10k xp items.  Apply First.
                    8- Train with warriors 1k xp items. Apply second.
                    1 - Train with gandolf  50k xp item. Apply Last.
      Step 4 - This should give you between a 210 and 212 level hero, above the max 200 level.

 Happy farming, and check out some of my other tips & tactics by visiting the links below.   


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  1. Hi,
    Liked the article, my hero is at lvl 177 and I've already upgraded my Great Hall to level 10, can my hero still go past 200, if yes how? What's the concept behind it, I mean how does it work - get as close to lvl 187 then use the "train withs"? I'm also hearing that a hero can go up to lvl 217, can you share how it can be done to my hero if you know. Thanks a lot!

  2. Would be killer if someone would answer your question.

  3. Don not pass lvl 200. Use a Gandalf when you reach lvl 200, and wa la, you have a 212 hero. If you pass 200 to 201, using a Gandalf won't work. Again, DO NOT PASS LVL 200 when using Gandalf. Calculate your heros experience to lvl 200, once at lvl 200, use a Gandalf and you will get a 212

  4. Best best is to reach level 199, 3500 pts thn use the Gandalf rune. Anymore is a risk.

  5. So upgrading my great hall doesn't upgrade my hero right? My hero is only at lvl 43 and I have a lvl 9 great hall.

    1. I looked for many cheats to level your hero but none of them work, especially those with surveys lol. Apparently kabam's game is pretty secure who knows. The only one that works is from that pretty much clicks buttons in the game to level your hero. I get around 30K experience a day. The only problem you need a windows computer to run it