Google+ Mobile Game Tips: The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth Bubble Farming for resources.
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The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth Bubble Farming for resources.

The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth
 Players might find this re skinned Version visually more appealing. 
The Game play is very similar to Kabams Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North.
Game Tips for The Hobbit: KoMe

How to gain resources Bubble Farming.

    An easy way to acquire resources later in the game is by bubble farming low level player that have left the game before their 7day protection period has ended. The protection bubbles stop players from attacking in the 7 day grace period, but if the player has not logged back into the game the bubble can last for weeks after the protection has run out.

    To bypass the protection after the 7day grace period expires you can attack by using the muster point were your troops are being held and dispatched.  Just find a low level player that is still showing the bubble on their city in the MAP view.  Look at the co-ordinates and remember them, then type in the location in your muster point using the co-ordinates. 

  You can now select attack, sending troops and wagons to loot this city that looks to be protected but the protection has expired.   If you do the steps above and you receive a warning the player is protected then they are a new player and thier protection is still valid.  This will only work on EXPIRED protection players that have not logged back into the game. Looting them can yield a decent amount of resources if you don't have any other players in your area to loot (Farm).

   Note:  This tactic also works for players that have used a TRUCE (Protection) item to avoid attacks.  If that player uses the item and then attacks a wild or other players while under truce(Protection), the truce still shows on the players screen making them think they are attacking under protection, but in reality the protection is cancelled. You can now attack that player from your muster point.

 Happy farming, and check out some of my other tips & tactics by visiting the links below.   


  1. Awesome dude. But can you do me a favour and give tips on how to get a second city with out buying it. In other words how to get the city relics.

  2. Johnson1998, I know it's been a few months but I thought I'd answer your question.. The best way that I know to get a free second city deed is by saving up Gollum's Tokens and using them on premium chance where the prizes are better.. It takes 6 tokens. However, instead of waiting 6 days, you can cut the wait down to 3 days by getting a free extra token every day with this method.. You go to the "share" icon on the bottom of your screen where the messages icon is... You click on it.. Then click "email"... Then a thing will come up asking if you want email or gmail.. Click "email".... That will take you to your message drafts in your email... Just click the "save to drafts" option... That will take you back to the screen you arrived at after hitting share... Repeat the process 10 times and you will get an extra gollum's token.. This can be done each day so that you can play premium chance every 3 days and hopefully win your second city deed or maybe some hobbit building crews or training runes to level your hero..

  3. Nah daily free coins don't stack! We git 100 relics in two days! Find a nice goblin camp that's close! Send enough warriors there to knock out the goblins! Start sending in malitia attack after attack after attack with slight delay the goblins regenerate but not too fast! After about 60 attacks go to another near by camp! I have 6 members who've done the two day plan! Note u need too have a couple hours to play as you'll have to get through quite a bit of camps!

  4. Here is a Video showing how to get second and third cities by farming goblin relics.