Google+ Mobile Game Tips: The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth How to get Top Enemy Troop Kills like the Pros. Tips, Cheats, and Tactics.
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The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth How to get Top Enemy Troop Kills like the Pros. Tips, Cheats, and Tactics.

The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth
 Players might find this re skinned Version visually more appealing. 
The Game play is very similar to Kabams Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North.

Top player Secrets for Troop Kills in The Hobbit: KoMe

      Here are some of the secrets that top players use to stat pad their Enemy Troop Kills and gain a huge troop kill advantage over the average player. Each player plays this game for his/her own reasons. Some play for might hoarding, some play for Enemy Troop Kills, and some just don't care about the rank boards and like to have fun socializing or helping alliance members.  Here is a few ways the top players run away on the troop killing leader boards.

 As an attacking player:

    1.  Having a max level hero is a very important part of being top on the troop kills leader board. Using a High level hero makes farming players that do not spend money on this game easy targets. Also destroying undefended wall defenses you will lose much less troops basically giving you huge troops kill to troop lose ratio for the attacker. If you want to be at the top invest in a High level hero!

   2. Building T1 or 1 star troops is the next part of getting top troop kills. You will only want to build massive amounts of T1 (1star) Militia Men to attack with.  With a High level hero these troops devastate un protected wall defense units with minimal troop loses. Another reason you use Militia Men is most players build defense trebs that are weak against ground troops. Since defense trebs are a T2 (2 star) unit the lose ration is always in your favor, not to mention you are getting huge troop kill numbers as kills and giving minimal troop kills back to your enemy.  If you want high troop kills attack with T1 Militia Men always if possible.

 3. Being at the top is going to take time, and lots of it. You will spend most of your time using your best hero to go out and find EVERY SINGLE player in your area that has undefended wall and attacking with your T1 (1 star) troops. You will need to attack every low level player from 500k might and under without remorse.  Anything with might you will have to attack.  When you are finished in that area you will have to port your city 1 section at a time clearing every single player in that square area.  This may be accomplished in 1 day or 1 week per area depending on the server size and age of the server.  This is the most important part of being a TOP KILLS player. The time invest painfully hitting every player possible without hitting players that will wipe you out.  CAUTION: You will receive a lot of hate mail, and make many enemy's but as a Top player this is common. Also When you scout players look for high level hero academy, this will tell you if they have a better hero than you and will retaliate for your hits. Retaliation is also beneficial for a Troop Kill stat padder.

As a Defending Player:  

   1. So after or during your rampage of hitting all the players in your area another tactic used is kind of cheap. Basically  players play 2 or 3 or more accounts. Some die hard players even spend money on these accounts also, calling them their wife, or sister or wtvr so you think its a legit account, you will even find them using the accounts to TROLL global chat with.  But really they fill their alliance with a couple of  these alt accounts and start making troops.  What you do is take these troops and re enforce yourself with them. Also you build wall defenses to support these alt account troops.

   By having another 212 hero in your city you unhide your troops granting your bonus across all the troops that are re enforcing you and your wall defenses.  These alt accounts are dummy accounts and are only used to re enforce, so losing the troops when attacked is only feeding the defender extra kills while not doing any might damage to the defending player.  The alt account adsorb almost all incoming attacks and the defender gets all the troops kills for the alt accounts troops.  This tactic ends up letting players us their army to go out to attack and grief players, while creating an almost unbeatable troop hive back at the players main base without any help from other active players. 

  The defending player gets 2x the troop kills now,  he gets to attack and grief but also hoping for angry players to retaliate and attack the players base wiping the attacker and giving him even more troop kills.  Low level players are completely helpless to stop this, and High level players cant retaliate without feeding the defender massive troop kills at 3 and 4 to 1 loses.  Its a broken system being exploited by many top players.  You will also find these type of players in Global Chat trying to TROLL attacks.  Basically  they anger the public and post their cords in the global chat and hope for incoming attacks to wipe on the alt account troops.  This is a much lazier way than going out and pillaging  and porting around the map.

 Final Notes: 
  I do not support these tactics, this is the reason I have posted just a few of the ways players are stat padding the troop kill stats. It promotes using alt accounts as fodder and TROLLING of the global chat. These tactics abuse all of the none paying player base making it impossible for them to retaliate even with a group of players trying to take out one of these defense troop hives. Having re enforced troops count towards the defending players totals is something Kabam needs to address.  

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  1. Great tips and I appreciate that you don't support unethical as silly as that sounds.