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KoC Mobile Might or not to Might? That is the Question.

 The v4.0 changes to wall defense have created an interesting situation for players. Most players and alliances want to be Top on the Might Charts. Keeping and maintaining high levels of might depends on Wall Defense numbers and Troop Counts.

Most high Might players depend on wall Defense to make up a lot of their Might numbers. Because of the changes to build times in v4.0 maintaining wall defenses under siege is a waste of time and resources. For example coming across a 200k player that has 5k trebs and 2k assortment of wall defense shows that a good amount of his might is in defense. The problem with v4.0 is that now you can clear that easily with 10k light Cavalry which take me 6hrs to produce and half the resources. After clearing the wall defense and losing most of my troops I lowered that persons might by over 100k might and I lost around 50k might.
( Note: numbers are estimated, you can test it yourself.)

The kicker is now this guy is going to have to spend weeks to rebuild the wall defenses and I will have my 10k horses back in 6hrs. Does this seem fair? Hell no! But this is v4.0 so untill Kabam re thinks wall defense and makes traps and caltraps build as fast or faster than tier 1 troops then once wall defenses are gone its a waste of time and resources to rebuild UNLESS your trying to be TOP MIGHT!

So let's get to the point. To have might or not to have might? Well if your like me you could care less about might and more about winning battles.

Let's talk about 1mil plus might players. Let's say your a 300k player up against a 1mil plus player. At first glance think this guy will own me. WRONG. Basically if you read my Battle for the North Turtle Guide it explains how to easily survive under the cover of a High Level Storage house.

Once you decide might does not matter but winning does a new tactic evolves. It's called Attack & Hide! Basically you keep your city with no defense. CLOSE your Gates so your army does not defend incoming attacks. Now you live like a poor person. Spend all resources over your PROTECTION LIMIT as much as possible on Light cavalry and militia..
That makes it so when you are being attacked the only thing they are getting is your money. (note: you might have to stop research if you have no money but unfortunate that's just how it is until you demoralize your enemy and steal gold back to restart research.)

Now your City is a waste of time for enemy's to attack. They won't get anything ever when attacking. So now your just a HUGE annoyance.

All you do now is make batches of 5k and 10k waves of light cavalry and militia daily and Suicide them into your 1mil plus enemy. This will piss them off more than anything in the game. They worked hard for that might and here you are a worthless target slowly eating away massive amounts of might from them. The enemy is completely helpless to stop you.

During this your knights will level and eventually that enemy will have to cease fire or accept having no wall defense units. That leaves them
Open to a massive alliance wave attack at any time.

Also while you annoy your enemy you can keep building and looting near by low level players or npcs to re stock resources. Remember your army is safe behind CLOSED GATES so keep a decent size army so you can still farm other players and npcs even while annoying your enemy's in the area..

I hope this helps players that feel like they are too small to make a difference.

Please read my  Battle for the North Turtle Guide. for More help.

So the question is, Might or not to Might? You decide.

Troop sizes easy reference.

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