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Kingdoms of Camelot Mobile Battle for the North Tips and Tactics

Tips & Tactics:
Starting off it's always good to fill any empty spots you have in your City with housing and barracks. Once you get the WorkShop,BlackSmith, Stable, Embassy, Knights Hall, Alchemy Lab, Rally Point, Storage House and Watch tower Built the rest of the empty spot will be housing and barracks.
 Wilds can Increase your production By a huge amount,  they are very important to take as high of wilds as possible.  Wilds bonus plus research and Knight bonus can gain you a resource production edge over other players. 

 Pictish Camps

 Resource fields can be tricky depending on your play style. If you have A LOT OF TIME to farm NPC camps then you will have a lot of Food at your disposal. If this is the case you really don't need many farms at all. If you are a casual player then I suggest building 5 Lumber, 5 Stone, 5 Ore and the rest Farms. This will let you keep a decent amount of  Defense Troops without  having to do as much NPC farming . Also make sure to not leave any open spaces, build resources up to at least level 3 to fill any empty spots. You can come back later to level them if you have other building priorities.
 As you are leveling in the game be sure to abandon lower level Wilds and work towards replacing them as your army grows stronger enough to take higher level wilds.
 Having a High level Knight, High Research for resources and as hugh a level of wilds as possible can GREATLY increase your production levels.Don't forget about the HIDE ALL TROOPS button. This button is important since you can build and level your storage house to a level that will protect most of your resources. If you are a TURTLE style of player a good strategy is to level your store house, then hide your troops when an attack comes from a player you cannot defeat. The only problem is you can not protect your GOLD. One way to avoid losing your gold if you are online is to transport it to a nearby alliance member. If you can't do that, SPEND IT!

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  1. Your blog have inspired to me to play as a turtle in this game. Currently, I am over 500k might, and almost immediately after coming to your site used your strategies to withstand attackers. Keep up the good work! If you have more tips, shell them out them please(pun intended). I am a turtle, and proud of it!

  2. I've got 2 cities. One is troop training with minimal might - that one is turtle. The other is troop storage. This is where my alliance stores gold and resources. Those troops are not hidden. Their is also 3 reinforcing armies at that city. Some wall defenses but after a member took 4 hits in one day I'm thinking no to wall defense.

  3. I tend to only rebuild walls if extra resources are easily available. If all my troops Q's are full then I will throw in some wall defense. I find tier 3 walls the best to build. If you are attacked they do the most damage. If you build tier 1 and 2 first they are easily removed and troop kill farmers look for walls like that to stat pad. if your walls have been removed best to start replacing with tier 3, if you are left alone for long enough to rebuild a full tier 3 wall then your in a good spot, add tier 2 and 1 after. cheers!

  4. This tactic is frowned upon in AE but it is useful for aggrovating players constantly hounding your wilds. Wild flipping is where you abandon a wild just as the enemy attacks causing them to fight the npcs as opposed to your own troops. Now I will agree that its dirty to steal another players wilds and flip them, but why just hand over something you earned yourself? Especially if you currently can't defend it? People dissagree with the tactic, but with as much smack as other players talk and the lvl 40+ players piledriving lvl 16 players, I find no honor code that says I should give my attacker any quarter. I'm not in the habit of just handing aggressors what they want...