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Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North. Under Siege Turtle Tips

Turtle Tips:
 Having to play under Siege is a part of the game that can take some getting used too. When being attacked for the first or the 100th time its something that can be exhilarating or annoying depending on your play style. Either way it's part of the game and if you plan on spending time building a castle or two, your going to have to learn to defend and rebuild it a few times. Here is a few tips that might help you smile instead of frown next time your being attacked.

One way you can stop this is stop everything you are doing and BUILD THAT STORAGE HOUSE !  Don't stop till at least 7 or 8. Then you should make sure your troops are hidden to avoid losing troops to attacking army's. (Remember if you know you can defeat the attacker un hide troops.)
 On the Top left side after clicking your resources tab it will tell you your PROTECTION LIMIT. This is your safe limit. Anything over this amount attackers can loot, anything under the PROTECTION LIMIT will be safe from looting..  So now all you have to worry about is gold. If you manage to loot or stock pile resources abov your protection limit try and spend it on wall defense or troops so if your scouted you have nothing to steal anyways. Basically you can survive like this until everything is level 8 in your castle for the most part and be un affected if random people attack you.

 The Hide All Troops Button is a very important Tool. This gives you the chance to decide if you would like to let your troops defend your Castle or Hide and let the attacking army pillage. The best time to have your gate open is if you are expecting an attack that you can easily win or trying to protect  gold/resources from pillage. It can be dangerous to leave gates open or closed. I prefer Closed for a few reasons that I will explain in Wiped out Turtle Tips below. 
 A few variables will help make your decision but basically GOLD or MILLIONS of  RESOURCES is the deciding factor between risking your army or just letting the attacker take whatever scraps you leave them. If you are defending a LARGE amount of GOLD or RESOURCES then you MUST  defend it with a lot of wall defense like traps, trebs, and wall Crossbows combined with a solid mix of troops. At the moment I like rams, ballistas/arch and swords. If anyone finds a good combination please post your idea in the comment section.  If you don't care about GOLD/RESOURCES then refer below for a decent guide on how to Survive and still build.
GOLD - SPEND IT! If you can't spend it Defend it! IF you can't defend it - LET IT GO - Get it back another day when your stronger. Gold is for research and Scouting, yes its important but its not worth wiping your whole army defending from someone that has a much stronger army.  Use your storage house combined with Hide all troop Button and you will find being attacked really isn't that bad. Note: You can also send Gold to a friend you know will send it back.
  TURTLE until you are built up, then use the army you have been saving behind your walls to attack, Pillage and get everything back you lost next time your enemy goes to sleep! Cheers.
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  1. Open the gates? Where is that option? I think you might be confusing KoC BftN with KoC.

    1. I should change my wording. Some might get confused. Thanks.

    2. when you go to castle and then overview ... there is an option to hide the troops... :)

  2. I have 2,5 bilions of gold .someone know if i can used in diferent ways : oure aliance RESEARCH ARE END _ And i dont know wat to do wit Gold

    1. Give it to younger players that need it.